Under Pressure Massage Therapy in Richmond

Love the workout rush but tired of hurting? 


Don’t let joint and muscle tightness, delayed-onset muscle soreness and painful knots from intensive training hold you back.


Under Pressure RVA uses expertise in a variety of disciplines to assess your individual issues and obliterate your pain. As athletes in training themselves, licensed massage therapists Brian Neves and Kim Burnett have unique personal insight on the challenges and needs of those in strength and performance training.

Massage therapy can improve your flexibility, focus and workout recovery to give your body the boost it needs to meet your strength and fitness goals.  

You get out of training what you put into it, so maintain your hard-working muscles with the invigorating benefits of athletic massage. Under Pressure RVA’s relaxation and sports massage therapy in Richmond, VA will keep you moving with injury prevention, quicker recovery, more flexibility, and renewed vigor. Our personally-tailored massage experience will help you feel and perform your best, with focused techniques targeting your specific needs. 

The Under Pressure Experience

With extensive professional training and experience, Brian and Kim deliver the most beneficial massage in Midlothian at an affordable price, so you can keep going strong and save the cash to pick up that new workout gear you’ve had your eye on. Book an appointment today and start getting more from your training!

We offer specialized sports massage therapy, including flexibility and range of motion techniques like PNF, PIR and MET. Soothe post-workout stiffness with the regenerative moist heat of a hot stone massage, speed up strain recovery with a deep tissue massage, or select a combination of therapies with the guidance of our attentive massage therapists. Under Pressure RVA connects with your needs during a thorough consultation to provide the best possible massage experience for any budget. We have your bodywork needs covered, without working your wallet over.